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Description is an AI-powered customer support chatbot service designed to enhance customer support on websites. Here is a detailed summary of its features, benefits, costs, and key functionalities:

Key Features

  • Personalized Chatbot: Customized to your website content, allowing it to echo your brand's voice​.
  • Training and Syncing: Easy to sync with your website's content, allowing uploads of various file formats for training​​.
  • Quick Prompts: Helps initiate conversations with users by suggesting frequently asked questions​​.
  • Email Summaries: Provides daily summaries of chatbot interactions to track performance and user behavior​​.
  • Human Escalation: Seamlessly transitions to a human agent when necessary, ensuring comprehensive support​​.
  • Lead Generation: Captures visitor details for potential leads​​.
  • Actionable Functions: Automates tasks based on chat interactions​​.
  • Integration with Tools: Integrates with platforms like Crisp, Intercom, and Zendesk​​.


  • 24/7 Customer Support: Provides continuous, quality customer support with instant responses​​.
  • Automation: Reduces the load on customer support teams by automating most support tickets​​.
  • Productivity Increase: Enhances the productivity of existing support teams by freeing them up for higher-level tasks​​.
  • Multilingual Support: Offers support in over 95 languages, making it versatile for global use​​.


  • Pricing: offers friendly pricing options that scale with your business, but specific pricing details aren't provided on their website.
  • Free Trial: A 14-day free trial is available to test the service before committing​​.
  • Cancellation Policy: Users can cancel the service at any time​​.

Key Functionalities

  • Content Training: The chatbot can be trained with website links, sitemap links, Zendesk Help Center links, Gitbook links, or various file formats​​.
  • Chatbot Retraining: For updating the chatbot with new website content, manual retraining is required, with plans to automate this process​​.
  • Implementation: The chatbot is easily embeddable on multiple sites with a unique URL and embed code provided​​.
  • Training Duration: The duration of the training process depends on the volume of content but is generally quick​​.

Conclusion stands out for its ability to offer personalized, automated customer support powered by AI, with the versatility to handle various languages and integrate with multiple platforms. It aims to enhance the efficiency of customer support teams while providing a seamless experience for users. The service is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to automate their customer support, improve response times, and gather insights from customer interactions. The availability of a free trial allows businesses to assess the service's fit with their specific needs.


  • Personalized Chatbot
  • Custom Chatbot