Privacy Policy for Tidings AI

Last Updated: [December 12, 2023]


  • At Tidings AI, we prioritize your data privacy.
  • This policy outlines our data collection, handling, and your rights.

What We Collect and Why

  • We collect minimal necessary data for service enhancement and user experience.
  • Types of data: identity and access information, billing details, product interactions, geolocation data, and website interactions.
  • We respect your privacy and do not sell your personal data.

Billing Information

  • For paid services, billing details are required.
  • Direct submission to payment processors, ensuring data security.

Product Interactions

  • We store data related to your use of Tidings AI for optimal functionality.

Geolocation and Website Interactions

  • We log IP addresses for security and service improvement.
  • Browsing activity is analyzed for better user experience.


  • Cookies are used for site functionality and user experience enhancement.
  • You can control cookie settings in your browser.

Accessing and Disclosing Your Information

  • Access to your content is limited and governed by strict protocols.
  • Data access is also subject to legal requirements.

Your Rights

  • You have rights including access, correction, erasure, and data portability.
  • Non-discrimination in service due to exercise of privacy rights.
  • Contact us for exercising these rights.

Securing Your Data

  • Data is encrypted in transit and at rest.
  • Sensitive information is given additional security measures.

Content Deletion and Account Cancellation

  • Options to delete content and cancel accounts are available.
  • Data is purged from our systems following cancellation.

Data Retention

  • Data is retained as necessary for service provision and legal obligations.
  • Specific retention periods are adhered to.

Location and Data Transfer

  • Tidings AI operates in United States with data storage in United States.
  • International users consent to data transfer and storage in United States.

Changes and Questions

  • Updates to this policy will be communicated.
  • Contact us at for any questions or concerns.

Please adapt this template according to the specific operations and legal requirements of Tidings AI. For compliance with local and international data protection laws, consulting with legal professionals is recommended.