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Chatgot is an AI chat assistant platform designed to offer a versatile and user-friendly experience for its users. It supports various AI models like GPT-4, Claude V2, Google PaLM 2, and Midjourney, allowing users to choose the AI assistant that best suits their needs​​​​.

Key features of Chatgot include:

  • Customize Characters: This upcoming feature will enable users to create AI bots tailored to specific needs, such as translation experts, SEO experts, or virtual assistants​​.
  • Web Browsing: Another feature in development is web browsing, which will provide users with the latest information from Google or Bing. Additionally, a browser extension is planned to allow AI assistants to answer questions on any webpage​​.
  • Swift Discoverability: Chatgot emphasizes providing precise answers, reducing the need for repeated searches typically associated with search engines​​.
  • Privacy Protection: The platform ensures that all conversation history is encrypted and stored securely. Users have complete control over their data and can delete it at any time​​.
  • Personalized Experience: In the future, users will have the option to choose from various AI bots, eliminating the need to switch between different platforms. This feature aims to offer a more integrated experience​​.
  • Seamless Multilingual Support: Chatgot's AI can communicate in multiple languages, making it accessible to users from different countries and language backgrounds​

However, the website does not provide explicit information on the costs associated with using Chatgot, so it's unclear if there are any subscription fees or usage charges.

In summary, Chatgot is a multifaceted AI chat assistant platform offering various AI models, customization options, enhanced discoverability, strong privacy protection, personalized experiences, and multilingual support. Its focus on user experience, privacy, and accessibility makes it an appealing choice for individuals seeking efficient and secure AI assistance.


  • Multiple AI Models
  • Ai Bot Sharing
  • Web Browsing Feature