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FlowCog is a financial modeling software specifically designed for SaaS companies. It provides pre-built cash flow projection models to assist in understanding a company's financial performance and supporting strategic business growth. Here's a concise overview of FlowCog, its features, benefits, and pricing:

Key Features

  1. Pre-built Cash Flow Projection Models: Tailor-made for SaaS companies, these models are crucial for board meetings and investor interactions.
  2. Growth Strategy Support: Specifies how key business drivers will change in accordance with operating plans.
  3. Sensitivity Analysis and Revenue Simulations: Offers talking points for a range of financial outcomes and models growth.
  4. Staffing Module: Projects new hires required for growth.
  5. Comprehensive Financial Tools: Includes features like "What If" scenarios, access controls, customizable reports and templates, real-time reporting, and visual analytics.


  • Strategic Financial Planning: Helps craft a company’s growth story and supports business strategy with detailed financial projections.
  • Ease of Use: FlowCog streamlines the financial modeling process, making it easier for companies to manage their finances.
  • Data-Driven Insights: The software’s analysis and simulation capabilities provide valuable insights for decision-making.


  • Standard Plan: Priced at $119/month, offering 5-year projections, unlimited seats and sharing, financial metrics and charts, monthly model updates, and 2 business-day support.
  • Premium Plan: Costs $179/month, including all Standard features plus 1 business-day support, and future modules like Quickbooks and Xero Integration, Google Slide Deck Auto-Generation, and Benchmark Analysis.
  • Additional Offering: FlowCog's pricing also includes a Premium plan at $149/month with human concierge onboarding, and a CFO plan at $459/month, offering meetings with the CEO and first access to new features.

Deployment and Suitability

  • FlowCog is deployed in the cloud and is most suitable for small-to-mid-sized companies with less than 1000 employees.


FlowCog stands out as a specialized financial modeling tool for SaaS companies, offering sophisticated features and analyses to facilitate strategic financial planning and decision-making. Its focus on pre-built models and easy integration with business strategies makes it a valuable asset for companies looking to streamline their financial processes and planning​


  • Pre-built Financial Models
  • Revenue Simulations