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Borrowly's Ask an AI Credit Expert service offers a free and accessible way to obtain credit advice using advanced artificial intelligence technology. Here's a detailed summary of its features, benefits, and operation:

Key Features

  • AI-Driven Credit Advice: Provides answers to various credit-related queries using AI technology​​.
  • Types of Questions Addressed: Handles queries about credit scores, debt management, credit report errors, credit card utilization, personal loans, and more​.
  • Speedy Responses: Delivers answers within 5 minutes, directly to your email or viewable under the “latest questions” section on the website​​.


  • Accessibility: The service is available 24/7, offering flexibility for users to seek advice at any time​​.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: It's a free service, making it a cost-effective alternative to traditional credit counseling which can be expensive​​.
  • Educational Value: With the “latest questions” feature, it provides a learning platform for all users, not just those who ask questions​​.


  • User Interaction: Users submit their credit-related questions through a simple form on the website​​.
  • AI Processing: The AI employs natural language processing and machine learning to analyze the query and generate a comprehensive answer​​.
  • Scope of Advice: Offers general strategies and information, including insights on debt consolidation, repayment strategies, and ways to negotiate with creditors​​.


  • Lack of Personalization: The AI Credit Expert does not provide personalized guidance tailored to individual financial situations​​.
  • General Information: The advice given is for general informational purposes only and is not legally binding​​.

Target Audience

The service is designed for universal applicability, suitable for everyone from college students to working professionals, irrespective of their financial knowledge level​​.


Borrowly's Ask an AI Credit Expert is an innovative, cost-effective, and accessible tool that democratizes financial knowledge, making it easier for people to manage their credit and overall financial health. While it offers quick and reliable advice, it's important to remember that it provides general information and should not replace personalized advice from qualified financial professionals.


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