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Cody is an AI assistant similar to ChatGPT but with the unique ability to be trained on specific business knowledge bases. It functions as an AI employee, supporting teams in various tasks like answering questions, assisting with creative work, troubleshooting issues, and brainstorming ideas. The platform is designed to be a versatile tool for businesses, enhancing team efficiency and problem-solving capabilities.

Key Features and Benefits of Cody:

  1. Business-Specific Training: Cody can be trained on a business's specific team, processes, clients, and knowledge base. This allows for highly relevant and tailored responses to business-related queries​.
  • Instant Access to Information: Cody provides immediate answers to business questions by analyzing documents and acting as an expert on company processes. This eliminates the need to sift through manuals or documents​.
  • Data Integration: The AI can integrate various data types, from PowerPoints to PDFs or entire websites, allowing for a customized response system based on the company's unique database​.
  • Source Verification: For added reliability, Cody cites the sources used for each answer, enhancing transparency and trustworthiness​.
  • Task Efficiency: Cody can help teams complete tasks faster, like writing professional emails, translating documents, or creating marketing materials​.
  • Support and Troubleshooting: It provides support documentation to help teams quickly troubleshoot issues and discover hidden features of digital tools​.
  • Idea Generation: Cody can offer new perspectives and insights, remembering conversations and contextual history to provide ideas and advice​.
  • Customization and Integration: Users can tailor Cody for different roles and integrate it with favorite apps through an API, making it adaptable to various business needs.
  • Multilingual Support: Cody supports interaction in any language, facilitating global collaboration and communication​.
  • Security: Cody ensures data protection with AWS encryption, SOC II vector database privacy standards, and customizable access controls, emphasizing security and user privacy​.

Pricing Plans:

  1. Basic Plan ($29/month): Offers 2,500 credits, GPT 3.5 16K, support for 3 users and 3 bots, 1,000 document storage, a customizable website widget, and API access​.
  • Premium Plan ($99/month): Includes 10,000 credits, GPT 3.5 16K and GPT 4, supports 15 users and 15 bots, 10,000 documents and website pages, a website crawler, widget customization and removal of Cody branding, and API access​.
  • Advanced Plan ($249/month): Provides 25,000 credits, GPT 3.5 16K and GPT 4, accommodates 50 users and 50 bots, 25,000 documents and website pages, a website crawler, widget customization for up to 50 websites, and API access​.

Cody AI is trusted by over 100,000 businesses, indicating its widespread acceptance and reliability as a business AI tool. Its combination of personalized AI assistance, integration capabilities, and robust security measures make it a valuable asset for businesses looking to optimize their operations and enhance their team's productivity.

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  • Data Integration
  • Idea Generation
  • Task Efficiency