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ElevenLabs offers an AI-powered voice generator that is designed to create natural and realistic AI voices in various languages, catering to a wide range of users including video creators, developers, and businesses. The platform allows for the conversion of text to speech online for free, making it accessible for different projects​​.

Key Features and Benefits of ElevenLabs:

  • Realistic AI Voices: The AI voice generator can produce high-quality spoken audio in any voice, style, and language, rendering human intonation and inflections with great fidelity and adjusting delivery based on context​​.
  • Applications in Gaming: ElevenLabs' tool can enhance gaming experiences by providing dynamic NPC dialogue and real-time narration, thus enriching the game's audio landscape​​.
  • Audiobook Creation: The platform is ideal for authors and publishers, allowing them to convert long-form content into engaging audio with a natural voice and tone​​.
  • AI Chatbots: The tool enables the creation of AI chatbots with human-like voices, enhancing user engagement​​.
  • Wide Language Support: It supports 29 languages and various accents, offering versatility for global projects​​.
  • Voice Cloning and Creation: Users can create new and unique synthetic voices or clone existing voices for various applications like podcasts, audiobooks, and more​​.
  • Long-form Voice Generation: ElevenLabs provides an innovative workflow for directing and editing audio, suitable for audiobooks, long-form video, and web content. It includes features like conversion of whole books, text-inputted pauses, and single-click conversion​​.
  • Cutting-edge Research: The tools are built on the latest research in generative AI, with a commitment to advancing AI speech synthesis​​.

However, the website does not provide specific details on the costs associated with premium features or services, if any. It's important for potential users to explore the platform further to understand any associated costs or subscription models.

In summary

ElevenLabs provides a comprehensive and versatile text-to-speech solution with a wide range of applications, from enhancing gaming and chatbot experiences to creating audiobooks and podcasts. Its commitment to realism, wide language support, and the ability to create and clone voices make it a valuable tool for content creators and businesses looking for advanced speech synthesis solutions.


  • AI voice generator
  • Natural AI voices instantly in any language