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Description presents itself as a sophisticated market analysis tool, designed to give traders an edge by revealing covert market activities and providing comprehensive insights. Here's an overview of its offerings, benefits, costs, and key features:

Key Features

  1. SmartFlow: Claims to have turned $139k into $10 million using this tool, which identifies Smart Money activity in real-time. It differentiates between Smart Money and retail volume and includes a manipulation indicator.
  2. OptionFlow and Dark Pool Prints: Offers real-time visualization of option blocks, sweeps, and splits, and makes dark pool transactions easy to spot.
  3. UltraFlow: Combines all individual S&P 500 constituent SmartFlows into one chart, processing millions of data points per second.
  4. Consolidated Real-Time Interface: Displays equity, option, dark pool, and Smart Money data in a single interface.
  5. BigShort Squeeze Indicator: A backtested and forward-tested tool with a claimed 90% win rate.
  6. Additional Features: Includes live Discord chat, top tickers lists for SmartFlow and manipulation, short volume, and internal alerts.


  • Comprehensive Market Analysis: Provides a holistic view of the market by integrating different data sources into a single platform.
  • Advanced Technology: Utilizes machine learning and big data for real-time insights.
  • Predictive Analytics: Offers predictive insights over multiple time frames for both day and swing traders.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Claims to provide easy-to-understand visualizations of complex market data.
  • Community Engagement: Access to a members-only Discord chat for discussions and insights.


  • Special Introductory Pricing: Offers a two-week trial for $37.
  • Non-Pro Monthly Plan: After the trial, the cost is $149 per month (discounted from the original $375/month).
  • Included in the Subscription: The plan includes access to all key features like Real-time SmartFlow, OptionFlow, UltraFlow, manipulation indicators, and more.

Comparison with Traditional Analysis Methods

BigShort positions itself as superior to traditional technical and fundamental analysis methods. It argues that technical indicators are lagging and fundamental analysis falls short due to market irrationality. BigShort aims to provide forward-looking insights, contrasting with the retrospective nature of many conventional trading strategies.

User Support

BigShort offers recorded webinars to assist users in maximizing the tool's potential and has a live chat feature for real-time support.


While BigShort presents an appealing package for traders looking for an edge in a complex market, users should exercise caution. The site includes a disclaimer that past performance is not indicative of future results, a common caveat in trading. Additionally, users should evaluate the tool's effectiveness against their own trading strategies and risk tolerance.

In summary, offers a range of advanced trading tools and analytics, aiming to provide traders with deeper market insights and predictive analytics. The platform's focus on real-time data, combined with machine learning technology, positions it as a potentially powerful tool for traders. However, as with any trading tool, it is essential for users to approach with caution and consider the risks involved


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